Welcome To CorinnasAngels.org

Welcome to the Corinna’s Angels web site. We are so glad that you found us! This web site’s goal is to introduce you to Spinal Muscular Atrophy (or, SMA) as well as educate, empower, and entertain you. Corinna’s Angels is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises funds specifically to support research and treatment for SMA.

SMA became a part of our lives when our precious daughter, Corinna Calise, was diagnosed at the age of 11 months. Corinna’s neurologist informed us that there was ‘No Treatment, No Cure’. He advised us to take this beautiful baby home and enjoy whatever time we had left. Corinna had been diagnosed with the most severe form of SMA. Her prognosis was that she may not survive to see her 2nd or 3rd birthdays. These words are still difficult to hear, and seem unimaginable to any parent, grandparent or family member. Our lives were forever changed.

So being the people that we are, we chose to thrive and survive. How does one do that, you ask? You align yourself with the greatest support you can find. Truly, we are blessed with an amazing family, friends, and supportive community. Through some miracle, we became involved with the national FightSMA family. We found strength in FightSMA to rise to the challenge of raising funds to accelerate medical research to find a treatment or cure. Fundraising then became our family’s main focus in order to defeat this horrible disease that attacked our precious Corinna

Last year, Corinna’s Angels raised well over $ 100, 000. Our fundraising efforts for the past 10 years add up to more than $850, 000. Not too shabby for the smallest state in the U.S.! Our success is solely based on the love, commitment, and generosity that our community continues to share with us. We could not make such powerful changes without them. We are fortunate to live in a state that has embraced our child and our cause. We are forever grateful for your support.

Our wish is simple: We never want a another parent to hear ‘No Trreatment, No Cure’. Our wish is for a bright future with our children.

On behalf of our entire family, we thank you for supporting the fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Your generosity will always be remembered and deeply appreciated.

Michael, Michelle and Corinna Calise

** Also, please feel free to check out the website of our parent organization, FightSMA. There is so much information about SMA over at FightSMA.org, as well as updates on the latest fundraising events, and news about what Miss Corinna is up to!